What should clients who are considering selling be doing?

Feb 2013

If you have a client who is looking to sell there are several things that should certainly be considered.

Let’s be blunt about this the market for freehold sales of commercial real estate has had a bumpy ride over the last few years to say the least. Because of this, any edge a seller can get is a huge advantage in the current climate.

If no review of the building has been conducted we would strongly recommend one is done with a full survey of the building undertaken. The eligible items value can be pooled and potentially utilised (depending on the year of expenditure) by the vendor to reduce their tax liability or rolled into the property particulars to add more weight to the deal.

A million pound office block with transferable pool of £250k is more attractive than a million pound office block with none!

Having a substantiated pool attached to the building can make a sale quicker and potentially command a higher sale price. If the client changes their mind and decides to continue to hold their building then they have the pool to carry forward and relieve against future profits.

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